Medical Coding

Medical Coding

VMTS uses state of the art technology, developed indigenously in the USA.  The application is named CAT (Coding Automation Tool) and provides a coding platform second to none. We cater to various clients’ needs including ICD-10, CPT, DRG, SNOMED and PQRS. As PQRS will linger on until 2018, we wish to cushion our providers from any negative impact if any. We will strive to shield doctors from any adverse effects due to PQRS which may result in revenue loss.

ICD9 vs. ICD10
Transition into ICD-10 presents a serious challenge to medical organizations.The number of codes multiplied from about 13,000 in ICD-9 to over 68,000 in ICD-10. The terminology has evolved reflecting the cutting edge technology utilized in Medical Field, and there has been a significant increase in the granularity in the codes providing more information useful for third party payers helping them judge the necessity of procedures or diagnosis. In the light of these changes, employing the Medical Coding services of experts at VMTS is in your best interest.

Evaluation & Management Codes

CAT automatically generates E&M code based on CMS standards. The level of service is also determined instantly, outlining all instances of under-coding or up-coding. Estimated revenue generation is produced based on geographical location, facility and setting type (office, hospital, emergency room, nursing home). In an auditing capacity CAT can retrospectively look at the differences in coding and revenue specific to your specifications. CAT solves the complex issue of transitioning from ICD-9 into ICD-10 by providing BOTH codes for every diagnosis found within the medical document. In addition, it provides the description of each code according to ICD standards, and it is also capable of generating a list of alternatives and presented back in a separate spreadsheet file. Finally, CDA files compatible for exporting directly into an EMR/EHR can be generated.

CAT is a standalone application that can be used in an auditing environment as well as a production environment.

Advantages of Computer Assisted Coding

  • Increased Accuracy
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction in cost per patient
  • Increased revenue
  • Backup audit trail for every code
  • All code sets included
  • Client or Cloud based

Delivering Medical Coding


The number of codes multiplied from about 13,000 in ICD-9 to over 68,000 in ICD-10. Are you ready to embrace the shift? Hire professionals and feel the difference.

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